2-00 Series Knobs – Contemporary Aluminum

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2-00 Series Knobs – Contemporary Aluminum

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Knobs - Contemporary Double Pointer Knob

One-piece construction.  Rugged, functional design

2-00 Series – Double Pointer Knob
One-piece construction. Rugged, functional design
Available with or without index line
Available with or without colored insert
Standard Finish: Black or natural anodized

Tolerances +/- 1/64"

Aluminum Knobs, black or natural anodized

With or without colored insert; with or without index line filled.

*Standard knobs can be customized to meet your requirements or we can manufacture to your print.*

A’ Shaft = .127(3.23) +/- .001, two set screws located 120o  Apart


Item #Dimension A (in)Dimension BDimension CDimension DDimension EDimension FDimension GThread SizeShaft Size
2-101.000.9061.1091.375.594.750.5626-32 InchA'-B'
2-75.750.671.8441.060.594.625.4746-32 InchA'-B'
2-62.625.562.703.890.578.625.4746-32 InchA'-B'
2-50.500.458.563.750.438.500.3756-32 InchA'-B'
2-37.375.328.438.578.281.500.3754-40 InchA'

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