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Headquartered in Saint Louis, Missouri and originally marketing to Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Arkansas, and Tennessee we now have customers from Maine to California from Texas to Florida, including Ohio, Hawaii, Washington as well as Mexico and Canada.

HardwareMFG.com offers Oem stock parts inventory and assists customers with engineered solutions for customer need driven applications. If we have a part or a competitor has a part that does not fill your requirements let us know. We belong to several trade associations or participate in annual meetings such as the farmequip.org, FEMA, NATM, PRI, Workboat Show, Worktruck show, NTEA and military events to meet with industry and keep up with requirements for certificates of conformance, ROHS, and heavy metals. Several of our factories satisfy all INCO 2008 standards. We offer some products that are load rated and many have safety features.

You are buying directly from our factories with product liability and workman’s comp insurance. Hardwaremfg.com does not buy and resell. Many of our customers provide bin filling service or break bulk so the Oem can get parts from local inventory.

Our customers are enclosure builders, sheet metal and plastic fabricators serving military, material handling to parachute drop cases; containers for rocket, missile, armament, drones (UAVs) along with commercial and industrial assemblers and fastener houses. Markets of interest to us include, farm equipment, agriculture, drug tablet and food processing, grain and livestock handling, off-road equipment, truck equipment, toolbox, parts bin, and conveyor suppliers, truck & trailer body, racing, workboat, FEMA (electrical boxes) enclosures, refrigeration storage, storm shelter, safe room, gun, environment, water, filtration, batch processing, work hold tools and hazmat safety.

Our manufacturing base supplies machined special mechanical or compressor parts, structural as well as temporarily holding panels together or hold downs to compress seals or eliminate gaps; short-run stamped spacers, support brackets, hinges, toggle or over center draw latches, work hold toggle clamping, load rated handles, clamps, U, L, J, V bolts-threaded by cutting or cold rolling, battery hold downs, tailgate spring Latches, high torque quick release band clamps. Extensive metal fabrication plus penny plastic parts come from our top ten injection molding operation. We offer short-run stamping low tooling costs- with virtually no minimum, a hard tooled punch and die setup, laser, and sheet metal press work.

Direct factory contact means time savings. Buy stock parts or we will build new OEM parts from your designs or needs. Start by calling Terry with Sales/Engineering questions.


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