316 Stainless Steel Drawlatches

27-633 SS 316 at work in lab or on the track

27-633/316 SS Light duty spring claw toggle latch in type 316 marine grade stainless steel; features radius claw for more movement. Load rated Approximately 3″x1″, 200 pounds designed originally for food and processing equipment but it has found its way on racing cars as well. See www.protex.com


Simple slam to close toggle latch in 316 Stainless Steel Safety on handle and secondary locking pin available. Rated 1200 pounds See www.Protex.com

39-1260 Angled

39-1260 SS 316 Prevent lost contents with auto Slam lock ¼ turn open boxed in tamper proof design for harsh, corrosive environments due to sea salt or chemicals. Approximately  7″x 1.5″ space required further details visit www.protex.com


304 Stainless Steel Locks ¼ Turn open ¼ Turn close 37-1260SS miscellaneous keyed or 37-1260 SS SL for key alike Available in Black or silver Zinc plated see www.protex.com


43-3000 SS316 Heavy Duty 5500 pound load rated pad lockable and secondary safety on Handle. Just over 7″ long x 1.5″ wide see 3D drawing for dimensions. Catchplates available for weld on or bolt on also in Mild Steel zinc plated at 4400 lbs test. See www.protex.com


44-4000SS316 also comes in extended length. Designed with construction and agricultural equipment where size and weight are desirable. Load rated 5500 pounds. If that is not enough ask about our Super Heavy Duty line items 490 and 494 rated 15,000 lbs. Safety on Handle with secondary pin available as well. See www.protex.com