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62-1077 SS or MSZN Small low profile, hooked for use on flange or
our catches or keepers; one of several styles of butterfly latches for
quick release with turn of slot head with tool. Available in
304 Stainless steel or mild steel zinc see: www.protex.com 62-1077

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39 – 1260: Tool Operated Draw Latch/rigid Toggle
Clamp/overcentre Fastener/quick Release Clip
4.5″ long x 1.5″ wide rated 1200 lbs in SS, or 990 lbs in mszn
Five different catch plates or strikes available with same load rating.
Completely boxed in tamper proof design Tool operated narrow based latch/toggle clamp
/overcentre fastener. It slams shut. Requires intentional action to shut. slot head use screw driver or even coin to operate Tool operated draw latch/Rigid Overcentre Fastener/Quick release.. for 2D, 3D drawings

Available in 316 Stainless and mild steel zinc plated see: www.protex.com

58 PBC- HT requires tool to adjust tension many diameters available from stock
Hi torque to us means ultimate strength of 990 lbs. Other styles may vary.
Quick release stainless steel. We stock sizes up to 195mm. To date the largest
custom bands we have made were 3000mm. Also available with safety latch on
handles. Also see www.protex.com 27-HT070-115SS stock sizes up to 375mm

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