Grit Tape, Non-Skid, Gravel Guard, Deck Pads, Safety Steps

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GRIT TAPE – heavy-duty safety surface is quick to install and provides durable pedestrian safety on slippery surfaces. Uses: ramps, light traffic stairs, exercise equipment, industrial equipment, aisles, entrances, skateboards.

Flat black medium is a standard color and will be furnished unless another color is specified.

Blacks Textures: Sparkle Black, Flat Black Fine, Flat Black Medium, Ultragrip Black, Superfine Black, Flat Black Coarse.

Also Available: Phosphorescent: NITEGLOW TM
Floor Prep -Consult FactoryGeneral Note: Standard tolerance1/16

* recreational vehicles (campers, motor homes, trailers) * exercise equipment * lawn and garden equipment * lift trucks * ladders * trucks * construction equipment * farm tractors and equipment * playground equipment * skateboards * skis * spas * utility vehicles * boats * aircraft  * baggage handling equipment * snowmobiles * golf carts * bumpers * running boards * etc.

Anywhere You Need an Anti-Slip Surface

Standard Roll Sizes

3/4" x 60 ft. -packed
1" x 60 ft. -packed
2" x 60 ft. -packed
3" x 60 ft. -packed
4" x 60 ft. -packed
6" x60 ft. -packed
8" x 60 ft. -packed
12" x 60 ft. -packed
18" x 60 ft. -packed
24" x 60 ft. -packed
16 rolls per carton
12 rolls per carton
6 rolls per carton
4 rolls per carton
3 rolls per carton
2 rolls per carton
3 rolls per carton
1 roll per carton
1 roll per carton
1 roll per carton

Standard Die Cut Strips and Cleats Sizes:

6" x 24"
3" x 24"
3" x 36"
2" x 24"
1" x 24"
3/4" x 24

Custom size rolls and die cuts available by request. Standard tolerance1/16

Flexure - GRIT TAPE 
bends over sharp 90 degree angles without fracture. Repeated bending without cracking or failure of bond.
Temperature Limits -
Applied GRIT TAPE has a useful temperature range of  -40 degrees F to 220 degrees F.   However, limited exposure to  temperatures above 220 degrees  F will not harm GRIT TAPE.
Steam Cleaning - Applied GRIT TAPE will tolerate steam cleaning.
Detergent Cleaning -
Applied GRIT TAPE will tolerate detergent cleaning.
-Environmental Resistance

GRIT TAPE is essentially unaffected by climactic exposure and mild acid or alkali exposure under normal conditions.
Shelf LifeGRIT TAPE  shelf life is two years minimum.

Anti-slip wet or dry
Reduces liability exposure
Quick & Easy to Install
Durable - long wearing
Super Adhesion - A heavy coating of specially formulated pressure-sensitive adhesive
Resistant to Solvents
Die Cuts available to fit your application.
Colors available

#100 GRIT Course Silicas Grit (Sandpaper Style) best slip resistant surface available poured directly to adhesive paper is for release only.

For more information:

Call: 314-436 0432
Fax: 314 436 0481

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