Grit Tape, Non-Skid, Gravel Guard, Deck Pads, Safety Steps


Grit Tape, Non-Skid, Gravel Guard, Deck Pads, Safety Steps

GRIT TAPE – heavy-duty safety surface is quick to install and provides durable pedestrian safety on slippery surfaces. Uses: ramps, light traffic stairs, exercise equipment, industrial equipment, aisles, entrances, skateboards.

Flat black medium is a standard color and will be furnished unless another color is specified.

Blacks Textures: Sparkle Black, Flat Black Fine, Flat Black Medium, Ultragrip Black, Superfine Black, Flat Black Coarse.

Also Available: Phosphorescent: NITEGLOW TM
Floor Prep -Consult FactoryGeneral Note: Standard tolerance1/16

* recreational vehicles (campers, motor homes,
trailers) * exercise equipment * lawn and garden equipment * lift trucks * ladders * trucks * construction equipment * farm tractors and equipment * playground equipment * skateboards * skis * spas * utility vehicles * boats * aircraft  * baggage handling equipment * snowmobiles * golf carts * bumpers * running boards * etc.

Anywhere You Need an Anti-Slip Surface

Standard Roll Sizes

3/4″ x 60 ft. -packed
1″ x 60 ft. -packed
2″ x 60 ft. -packed
3″ x 60 ft. -packed
4″ x 60 ft. -packed
6″ x60 ft. -packed
8″ x 60 ft. -packed
12″ x 60 ft. -packed
18″ x 60 ft. -packed
24″ x 60 ft. -packed
16 rolls per carton
12 rolls per carton
6 rolls per carton
4 rolls per carton
3 rolls per carton
2 rolls per carton
3 rolls per carton
1 roll per carton
1 roll per carton
1 roll per carton




 6″ x 24″ , 3″ x 24″ ,  3″ x 36″
2″ x 24″ , 1″ x 24″ , 3/4″ x 24

Custom size rolls and die cuts available by request. Standard tolerance1/16

– Flexure – GRIT TAPE 
bends over sharp 90 degree angles without fracture. Repeated bending without cracking or failure of bond.
– Temperature Limits –
Applied GRIT TAPE has a useful temperature range of  -40 degrees F to 220 degrees F.   However, limited exposure to  temperatures above 220 degrees  F will not harm GRIT TAPE.
– Steam Cleaning – Applied GRIT TAPE will tolerate steam cleaning.
– Detergent Cleaning –
Applied GRIT TAPE will tolerate detergent cleaning.
Environmental Resistance

GRIT TAPE is essentially unaffected by climactic exposure and mild acid or alkali exposure under normal conditions.
– Shelf Life – GRIT TAPE  shelf life is two years minimum.

– Anti-slip wet or dry
– Reduces liability exposure
– Quick & Easy to Install
– Economical
– Durable – long wearing
– Super Adhesion – A heavy coating of specially formulated pressure-sensitive adhesive
– Resistant to Solvents
– Die Cuts available to fit your application.
– Colors available

#100 GRIT Course Silicas Grit (Sandpaper Style) best slip resistant surface available poured directly to adhesive paper is for release only.

Pkg 2 Die-Cut 6″x12″ pcs or bulk Grit Tape – Master Size 24″ x 150′

#200 Button Mat – Master Size 36″ X 60″
Excellent rubber design for a wide variety of applications. Pkg 2 Die-Cut 6″x12″ pcs or bulk.

#300 Jelly Bean – Master Size 37″ X 74″
Famous Design Used for every marine, automotive and lawn care use.
Package contains 2 Die-Cut 6″x12″ pieces.

#400 Diamond Bean – Master Size 36″ X 66″
Rugged design sure to appeal to any outdoor use. Package contains 2 Die-Cut 6″x12″ pieces

Honeycomb – Master Size 36″ X 52″
Colors available

LP Diamond – Master Size 42″ X 75″

Gray Diamond – Master Size 36″ X 52”
Colors available including white – ask for samples patches

Dot – Master Size 42″ X 50″
This roll is designed for high traffic areas

Diamond EVA – Master Size 41″ X 65″
Colors available – can be provided with or without adhesive

Extruded Vinyls  – Master Size 57″ x 75″
Colors available – This extruded material is an embossed PVC designed for high traffic applications where no pattern is required. This material is laminated with an aggressive acrylic adhesive designed for marine and outdoor applications like
gravel guard to protect nose and fender from rock chipping.

Custom Fender Step
We have the capability to mold fender steps to fit a fiberglass recess. This part offers stability with radius lip. We mold finished steps as long as 85″

Custom Fender Step
Side view custom pad. Perfect step running boards, fiberglass trailers.

Comfort Deck PE with custom logo
Extruded material is PVC/Nitrile blend designed for high traffic applications. We can deboss  logo or design into the mat then add virtually any color to increase visibility on marine decking, anti-fatigue pads, dash pads, tool box liner, truck liner, or general non-skid.

Comfort Deck – Master Size 11′ x 100′
Great for pontoon boat decking! We can custom match to any pantone number (minimums are required). Density and thickness can be altered to meet your specific needs. Standard sheets are 2′ x 3′ and 3′ x 5′. We can add your logo to increase visibility. We can do one offs with $1000 minimum for corporate events or promotions

For more information:
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