9XXX Series Catch Plate Locking and Non-Locking Versions

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The #9XXX Catch series is used extensively on all types of box and case applications. The three largest versions are available in Locking or Non-Locking styles. The two smaller versions are non-locking only. There are 5 different basic sizes ranging in height from 1.33" to 1.975". Size charts and options are shown below. (Many styles available 9315, 9316, 9516, 9376, 9379, 9539---consult factory for options) Mounting holes for all series are .132" diameter. Use 1/8" rivets or #4 phillips pan head screws. Brass plated screws available.

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9xxx series locking non-locking versions|9xxx series locking non-locking versions|||9xxx series locking non-locking versions

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