2008 Embossed Steel Hinges

2008 Embossed Steel Hinges

Manufactured from high quality steel. Embossed for greater strength. For use on trailers and truck bodies. Has wide bracket with three mounting holes. Three strap lengths available. Hinges supplied with non-removable pin for maximum security. Also available with removable pins. To order removable pins add the letter R to the catalog number. Example: 2008-R.

Bracket - 8 Ga. x 4-1/2" x 3" from center of pin

Strap - 8 Ga. x 2" x 8", 12" or 16"

Pin - 1/2" Dia. steel

1/8" Shim available.

Also available in 0.160 aluminum & 10 ga. plain or polished stainless steel.

Material   Steel

8 Ga. x 4-1/2" x 3" from center of pin

Pin Diameter   1/2 in
Strap Size  

8 Ga. x 2"

Strap Length   8 in
Mounting Hole   for 5/16" bolts
Finish   Zinc plated
Weight   2 lbs

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