New 75 series medium-duty over-center latches

Protex Rugged Series 75 over-center draw latches for medium-duty applications in aggressive operating environments. Latches incorporate a raised tail profile for improved operation. Series 75 has up to 10 mm (0.4 in) of grip range adjustment to suit guarding, enclosure, machine building, and process equipment applications across various operating temperatures and environments, including very low heat through the use of thick protective gloves. Units feature a compact base design for mounting on assembly components, as well as a spring-loaded rocker safety catch that engages automatically on slamming closed and can be padlocked to provide extra security. Stainless steel load rating 750kgf (1650 pounds)or zinc-plated mild steel 650kgf, (1430 pounds) Protex 75 Series latches are offered with a hook claw (pt no: 75-2753) or solid strap (pt no: 75-2573) for use with a range of catch plates.

Protex manufactures 469 load rated latches from 35 lbs (light duty)  to 5500 lbs (heavy duty) and 15,000 lbs (super heavy duty)