QT-8500MSZN/YP Quarter Turn Spring Latch – 1/4 Turn Compression Latch

Rotary Turn
Yellow | Zinc Plate Passivate
Mild Steel
0.0050 kg
Mounting Hole
10.80 mm

Quarter turn spring latch – 1/4 Turn Compression Latch

Water heater latch QT-8500 mszn yellow zinc dichromate. A quarter-turn to open or to close.

¼ Turn Compression Latch provides compression-reducing rattle in sheet metal shrouds like riding lawnmowers; it is also used as an inexpensive padlock loop.

Flipping the handle down provides latching without a padlock. Yellow zinc dichromate plating. Make one slot in the sheet metal base and cross that slot with another slot in the cover sheet metal

Easy Install Economy 1/4 Turn 
Compression Latch Padlock loop

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