U200 – U Series Clamp

U Series Clamp
304 Stainless Steel
Black | Chrome | Zinc - Black | Zinc - Clear | Zinc - Yellow
Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty U Series Clamp – 360° Seal
Guillotine Style Muffler Clamp

Due to its superior sealability and versatility, the U-Series is our most popular style clamp. With the new 2007 emission standards, it is more important than ever to use clamps that will get the job done. Developed and used for over 48 years the best new clamp on the market is the one you have been using for decades. These clamps provide a complete 360 deg. heavy-duty seal to surpass all of your needs. The U-Series is available in a variety of sizes, materials, and finishes.

Specifications – A-G measurements on illustration below

Size2.00 in
A3.10 in
B2.50 in
C3.67 in
D1.5 in
E2.17 in
F0.69 in
G1.89 in
Weight0.45 lb
Optional Material304 Stainless Steel
Optional FinishBlack Paint – Black Zinc

Clear Zinc – Yellow Zinc – Chrome

Tolerances2 Pl. Dec. ± 0.060

3 Pl. Dec. ± 0.030

U-Bolt Assembly:  C1018 – 3/8-16 UNC-2A Threads

Saddle:  1008-H.R.P.O.

Nuts:  Serrated Flanged

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